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​Jill,a bookkeeper,just received an attractive offer from an outside firm and so she asks for a raise from her current employer.She would be in a strong bargaining position because

A) ​Her value for disagreement has increased
B) Her value for disagreement has decreased
C) Her value for disagreement has not changed
D) ​Her value for agreement has not changed

Attractive Offer

A proposal or deal considered beneficial and appealing, often because of favorable terms or pricing.

  • Discern the factors influencing the efficacy of negotiation and the subsequent results.
  • Explore the dynamics involved in bargaining situations and the impact that external propositions have on the power of negotiation.

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Explanation :
Jill's value for disagreement has increased because she now has an alternative option that is attractive to her. This gives her stronger bargaining power and allows her to negotiate for a higher salary with her current employer.