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Asked about a recently published study showing that little girls do not have penis envy, a psychodynamic theorist immediately says that the little girls are all in denial and do not want to admit to the feelings that they have. This response is an example of:

A) basing theories on the retrospective accounts of adults.
B) overgeneralization.
C) the illusion of causality.
D) violating the principle of falsifiability.

Penis Envy

A concept in Freudian psychoanalysis referring to a girl's sense of loss and jealousy over not having a penis.

Psychodynamic Theorist

An individual who studies or advocates for the psychodynamic approach, focusing on the psychological forces that underlie human behavior, feelings, and emotions.

Principle of Falsifiability

A criterion for scientific theory validity, suggesting that for a theory to be considered scientific, it must be testable and potentially disprovable.

  • Identify and critique the limitations of psychodynamic theories, including issues related to falsifiability and reliance on retrospective accounts.

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The response is an example of violating the principle of falsifiability because it dismisses evidence that contradicts the theory by suggesting that the evidence (the girls' denial) cannot be used to disprove the theory. This makes the theory non-falsifiable, as any evidence against it is explained away rather than used to reconsider the theory's validity.