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Describe the process of introspection used by Wundt and Titchener and how this might add to our ability to uncover cognitive processes.


Reviewing or scrutinizing one's own psychological and emotional states.


Wilhelm Wundt, often considered the father of experimental psychology, known for founding the first psychology laboratory.


A psychologist known for founding structuralism and advocating the method of introspection to identify the basic elements of consciousness.

  • Identify the constraints and critiques associated with past and present methods in cognitive psychology.
  • Recognize obstacles and aspects to contemplate in cognitive psychology studies.

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Highly trained observers were exposed to various stimuli.They would then describe their conscious experiences.These allowed structuralists to identify the moment to moment experiences people felt with a cognitive processes.Along with the assumption that conscious thought was a marriage of sensations,the idea was that identifying those sensations in the moment must reveal how consciousness and mental processes work.