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________ would be most likely to challenge the client's thoughts directly, showing him why certain thoughts are irrational and misguided.

A) B. F. Skinner
B) Albert Ellis
C) Carl Rogers
D) Sigmund Freud

Albert Ellis

An influential figure in the field of psychotherapy, particularly noted for his contributions to cognitive therapies and his challenge to traditional psychoanalytic approaches.

Irrational Thoughts

Thoughts that are not based on reality or logical reasoning, often leading to negative emotions and behaviors.

B. F. Skinner

An American psychologist and behaviorist known for his work in developing the theory of operant conditioning.

  • Understand the significance of cognitive therapy in the management of psychological disorders, concentrating on modifying maladaptive thinking processes.

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Albert Ellis, the creator of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), is known for challenging clients' irrational thoughts directly through a process called disputing. He helps clients see the connections between their irrational beliefs and negative emotions or behaviors, and then challenges those beliefs by showing evidence that they are illogical and unrealistic. Skinner, Rogers, and Freud are not typically associated with this type of direct cognitive intervention.