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Diana is a bright student, but she procrastinates. She puts off writing term papers and gets incomplete grades from her teachers which eventually become F's. Diana's therapist has her write down her thoughts about work, read the thoughts as if someone else had said them, and then write a rational response to each one. The treatment method used to help Diana deal with her problem is:

A) psychodynamic therapy.
B) behavior therapy.
C) cognitive therapy.
D) humanist therapy.

Cognitive Therapy

A form of psychotherapy that focuses on changing unhelpful or unhealthy thought patterns.

Rational Response

A thought or action that is based on reason and logic, often as a counter to emotional or irrational reactions.

Psychodynamic Therapy

A therapeutic approach that emphasizes unconscious processes and past experiences in shaping current behavior and emotional states.

  • Recognize the role of cognitive therapy in treating psychological disorders and its focus on changing unproductive ways of thinking.

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The treatment method used with Diana involves identifying and challenging her negative and irrational thoughts about work, which is a key component of cognitive therapy. This approach helps individuals change their patterns of thinking and ultimately modify their behavior. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on an individual's unconscious motives and conflicts, whereas behavior therapy focuses on changing behavior through reinforcement and punishment. Humanist therapy emphasizes self-exploration and personal growth.