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When you ask Mrs. Redding how she would like to pay the $48 she owes for today's services, she hands you a credit card. When you look at the card, you realize that the card expired two months ago. Which of the following would be your best response to Mrs. Redding?

A) "I'm sorry, Mrs. Redding, but this card has expired. Do you have another card we might use?"
B) "Mrs. Redding, I can't use this card because it expired two months ago."
C) "Why are you trying to pay us with an expired credit card?"
D) "Mrs. Redding, this card has expired; would you like me to bill you instead?"
E) "If I put the charge through on this expired card, the credit card company will be furious."

Expired Credit Card

A credit card that has surpassed its end date of validity, rendering it unusable for transactions.

Best Response

The most optimal or effective reaction or answer in a given situation.

  • Understand patients' rights and the legal responsibilities of healthcare providers in credit and billing procedures.

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DBoth options A and D offer a polite and professional response to the situation, focusing on finding a solution rather than placing blame or causing embarrassment.