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What is a sociogram?

A) Assessment of parent perceptions
B) Assessment of peer perceptions
C) Assessment of client perceptions
D) Assessment of teacher perceptions


A visual representation or diagram that maps out the relationships within a group, often used to identify social dynamics and patterns.

Peer Perceptions

The way in which individuals are viewed and judged by their peers, often influencing social interactions and self-esteem.


The systematic evaluation or analysis of a particular subject, object, or phenomenon to determine its characteristics, value, or significance.

  • Contrast direct versus indirect methods used in behavioral assessment.

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A sociogram is an assessment of peer perceptions, typically used in social psychology and sociology to measure social structures or relationships within a group. It typically involves participants rating or ranking the people they interact with most frequently in terms of how much they like, trust, or are influenced by them, and the results are analyzed to identify patterns or clusters of relationships. The goal is to gain insight into how social dynamics operate within the group, and to identify potential problems or areas for intervention.