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______________ behavioral assessment is typically used in schools to determine whether a student exhibiting problem behaviors meets criteria for a disability.

A) Direct
B) Indirect
C) Functional
D) Clinical

Functional Behavioral Assessment

An approach to identifying the reasons behind specific behaviors in individuals, particularly used in educational settings.

Problem Behaviors

Actions or conduct that are socially unacceptable, disruptive, or harmful to oneself or others.

Disability Criteria

The specific conditions or standards used to determine whether an individual qualifies as having a disability, often for the purpose of receiving services or accommodations.

  • Distinguish between direct and indirect behavioral assessment methods.

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Functional behavioral assessment is used to identify the function of problem behaviors and whether they are related to a disability. Direct assessment involves direct observation of behavior, while indirect assessment involves gathering information about behavior from third-party sources. Clinical assessment is used to diagnose and treat mental health disorders.