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Alexander,a school counselor,conducts an observation of a kindergarten student.He did not pre-identify any behaviors prior to the observation.Instead,he recorded all of the student's behaviors that were observed.This type of observation is:

A) An unstructured observation
B) A structured observation
C) A covert observation
D) An overt observation

Unstructured Observation

Unstructured observation is a qualitative research method where the observer records behavior in a natural setting without a predetermined system or criteria.


The process of recognizing or determining specific characteristics or criteria before initiating a task or study, often used to streamline subsequent processes or analyses.

Kindergarten Student

is a child attending the first year of school, which is typically designed for children five to six years old, prior to entering first grade.

  • Gain insight into the assorted types of observations applied within behavioral assessments.

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In an unstructured observation, the observer does not pre-identify behaviors to look for. Instead, the observer records all behaviors that are observed. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the individual being observed, but can result in a larger amount of data to analyze. In this scenario, since the school counselor did not pre-identify any behaviors, it was an unstructured observation.