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To develop your own personally relevant and useful approach to management begin by blending _______, the experience and advice of others, and your own experience.

A) systems
B) technology
C) theory
D) quality
E) tasks

Personally Relevant

Pertaining to or significant in relation to one's own life, interests, or experiences.

Management Begin

Refers to the initiation phase in the development of management practices or the foundational period of a manager's career where foundational skills and philosophies are established.


The process of mixing or combining various elements together to create a cohesive whole.

  • Apply management theories to practical situations and challenges in organizational settings.

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While systems, technology, quality, and tasks are important factors in management, blending them alone will not necessarily lead to a personally relevant and useful approach to management. Theory, on the other hand, provides a framework for understanding management principles and practices, and by blending theory with the experience and advice of others and one's own experience, a manager can develop an approach that is both relevant and effective for their specific context.