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If you have a successfully crowdfunded product and you know you are going to miss your advertised ship date,what should you do?

A) Do nothing.
B) Change the date on your crowdfunding site but do not draw attention to it.
C) Be honest; alert your backers and notify others through the crowdfunding site.
D) Shift the blame to someone else (manufacturers,distributors,suppliers,etc.) .


The process of raising funding for a new venture from a large audience (the “crowd”), typically through the Internet.

  • Communicate with your team and stakeholders to understand their perspectives and gather input on potential solutions.
  • Consider the potential consequences of each option and weigh them against the values and reputation of your company.
  • Evaluate the reasons for the delay and assess the impact on the project timeline.

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Kadence Abercrombie

Feb 18, 2024

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Being honest and transparent with your backers and notifying others through the crowdfunding site is the best choice. This will avoid negative feedback and loss of credibility in the long run. It is important to keep your backers updated on the progress and the reasons for any delay. This will foster trust in your brand and ensure that your backers understand the situation.