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Particular to corporate social responsibility,public relations professionals must plan activities that ______,and communicate these activities to key stakeholders.

A) create new company values
B) reinforce a company's purpose
C) hinge on profitable gains
D) ignore the triple bottom line


People or organizations who have a “stake” in a company/organization, including employees, voters, government agencies and elected officials, customers, prospective employees, as well as customers and other similar individuals.

  • Identify activities that align with the company's values and purpose.
  • Develop strategies to communicate these activities effectively to key stakeholders.
  • Understand the importance of corporate social responsibility in public relations.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Public relations professionals must plan activities that reinforce a company's purpose in terms of its social responsibility efforts. This includes activities such as sustainability initiatives, community outreach programs, and ethical business practices. Communicating these activities to key stakeholders is also important to build trust and maintain transparency. Creating new company values is not necessarily a requirement for CSR, and focusing solely on profitable gains goes against the principles of CSR. Ignoring the triple bottom line (which includes social, environmental, and economic considerations) also goes against the concept of CSR.