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Assertive behavior​

A) ​tends to violate the rights of others.
B) is a way of making a point without upsetting others.​
C) always helps you achieve what you want.​
D) is the equivalent of aggressive behavior.​

Assertive Behavior

A communication style in which individuals state their opinions and feelings clearly and directly while respecting the rights and beliefs of others.

Aggressive Behavior

Actions or conduct that intends to cause harm or intimidate another individual, often manifesting physically or verbally.

  • Identify efficient and confident methods for resolving disputes.

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Assertive behavior is a way of expressing oneself or making a point without violating the rights of others. While it may not always guarantee getting what you want, it is a healthy way of communication that promotes respect and understanding. It should not be confused with aggressive behavior, which involves violating the rights of others.