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Alysia was administering an intramuscular injection of an antibiotic to Bobby, a 7-year-old child. Bobby was very nervous about getting a shot, so his mother was standing near him, with her arm around him for encouragement. As Alysia was removing the needle from Bobby's arm, he jerked suddenly, and the tip of the needle grazed Bobby's mother's forearm, breaking the skin. Which of the following forms will Alysia need to complete?

A) Agenda
B) Expense report
C) Policy agreement
D) Utilization report
E) Incident report

Incident Report

A report required by a facility when an adverse incident with risk of liability occurs.

Intramuscular Injection

A method of administering medication deep into the muscles, allowing it to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than some other methods.


A slender, pointed instrument used for injecting substances into the body, drawing fluids from it, or passing surgical threads through tissues.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the legal safeguards and duties linked to employment, such as workers' compensation and family medical leave entitlements.
  • Understand the significance and contents of a clinical procedures manual in a medical setting.

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An incident report is the correct form to complete in this situation because it documents any unexpected event that occurs, especially one that could lead to harm or has caused harm. In this case, the accidental needle stick to Bobby's mother is an unexpected event that could potentially lead to health issues, thus necessitating documentation through an incident report.