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Allen doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.As the co-owner of a small 10-person brewery,he is frequently seen scrubbing out containers,sweeping the floor,and ordering sandwiches for meetings.Recently,he was advised that he should not be doing these things,as doing so would lower his perceived image with the employees,who need to feel that he is in a special role.Discuss what Allen's response should be.


A way of thinking, acting, and being that combines the ability to find or create new opportunities with the courage to act on them.

  • Recognizing the need to delegate tasks and empower employees.
  • Developing effective communication skills to address concerns and expectations with employees.
  • Understanding the importance of perception in leadership roles.

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Feb 18, 2024

Final Answer :
The answer should address the need of an entrepreneur to do whatever it takes."Getting the job done" is a large part of building a successful business.Startups run on tight overheads,and owners need to be smart about what money is spent on.Other answers might look beyond the activity to ask why Allen is doing the task.Does he believe he is the only one who can do this correctly? If so,ego may prevent the team from contributing in accordance with each member's skills.