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A business setting in which workers have regular opportunities to do what they do best and perceive that they are part of something significant is one that promotes

A) 360-degree feedback.
B) implementation intentions.
C) employee engagement.
D) unstructured interviews.

Employee Engagement

The level of an employee's emotional investment and commitment to their organization, influencing their willingness to contribute to the company's success.

Implementation Intentions

Personal strategies formed by individuals to achieve specific goals by specifying the where, when, and how.

Unstructured Interviews

A method of interviewing where questions are not prearranged, allowing for a more free-form and adaptable conversation.

  • Describe the idea of employee involvement and its effect on productivity within the workplace.

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Employee engagement refers to the level of enthusiasm and dedication that employees have towards their work and their organization. It is characterized by a sense of passion, purpose, and focus, and is associated with increased productivity, improved job satisfaction, and lower turnover rates. By providing workers with regular opportunities to utilize their strengths and talents in meaningful ways, employers can create a workplace environment that fosters and encourages employee engagement.