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You are interviewing someone about a new concept in debit cards.The interviewee immediately tells you that he hates debit cards and never uses them.What would be your appropriate next step?

A) Terminate the interview; this person will not give you knowledgeable information.
B) Ask him about the new debit card concept anyway.
C) Explore why he hates debit cards.
D) Ask about a similar product,but not the debit card.
  • Determine if the interviewee's dislike for debit cards is based on personal bias or valid concerns.
  • Explore the reasons behind the interviewee's dislike for debit cards to gain a deeper understanding of their perspective.
  • Assess the interviewee's level of knowledge and expertise in the field of debit cards.

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Jackson Ellerman

Feb 18, 2024

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Explanation :
Exploring why the interviewee hates debit cards may provide valuable insights into potential pain points or drawbacks of current debit card systems. It may also uncover why the new concept in debit cards is needed or how it addresses these issues. Terminating the interview or asking about a different product would not provide relevant information about the new concept in debit cards. Asking about the new concept anyway may not yield helpful information if the interviewee is not familiar with it or is biased against it.