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You are employing Motivational Interviewing (MI) with a client who is ambivalent to eat more home-prepared meals. What could you say or ask this client that aligns with the spirit of MI?

A) Why do you eat out so much?
B) You should eat at home more because your meals will be healthier.
C) What are the pros and cons of eating more meals at home?
D) I understand how you feel. I eat out a lot, too.
E) You need to eat at home more. Home prepared meals are less in calories, fat, and sodium.


Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

Home-Prepared Meals

Meals made and consumed at home, often involving the process of cooking from scratch with raw or minimally processed ingredients.

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This question aligns with the spirit of MI because it allows the client to explore their own thoughts and feelings about eating more home-prepared meals, without the therapist imposing or directing a particular course of action. The question invites the client to weigh the pros and cons of eating at home, which can guide their decision-making process in a more meaningful way.