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Which of the following would typically be found in the Mission and Objectives section of a business plan?

A) The purpose and goals of the business
B) The origins and structure of your venture,and the industry
C) What distinguishes you from the competition
D) Projections on sales volume and market share,and how they will be achieved
E) Facilities,equipment,and personnel

Mission And Objectives

The fundamental purpose and goals that guide an organization or individual's actions and decisions.

Business Plan

An all-encompassing document outlining a business's mission, organization, goals, and activities.

Market Share

The portion of a market controlled by a particular company or product, often expressed as a percentage of total sales in that market.

  • Recognize the components and significance of a business plan.

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The Mission and Objectives section of a business plan typically includes the purpose and goals of the business, which align with the mission statement of the company. It outlines what the business stands for, what it hopes to achieve, and why it exists.