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Which of the following represents the "chain of customers"?

A) customers,producers,influencers
B) purchasers,customers,influencers
C) customers,consumers,saboteurs
D) users,purchasers,influencers
  • Identifying the various stakeholders involved in the customer chain
  • Recognizing the influence and impact of different individuals or groups within the customer chain
  • Understanding the different roles and relationships within the customer chain

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Explanation :
The "chain of customers" typically refers to the sequence of individuals or groups involved in the consumption, purchase, and influence of a product or service. "Users" are those who actually use the product, "purchasers" are those who buy the product (not always the users themselves), and "influencers" are those who affect the buying decision. This sequence captures the different roles individuals or entities might play in relation to a product or service.