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Which of the following modifications would most likely make sense to use with a client that has a motor impairment?

A) The use of an interpreter
B) Device to amplify examiner's voice
C) The use of a writer to record written responses
D) The use of verbal and written instructions

Motor Impairment

A limitation in the physical functioning of the motor system, which may affect an individual's ability to perform movements or tasks.


A person who translates oral or sign language communication between speakers of different languages.


To increase the volume, intensity, or scope of something.

  • Recognize the need for testing accommodations for individuals with disabilities and the types of modifications that can be beneficial.

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Feb 29, 2024

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Explanation :
Using a writer to record written responses would be most appropriate for a client with a motor impairment, as it allows them to still communicate their thoughts and responses effectively. The other options may be helpful for other types of impairments, but would not specifically address the challenges of a motor impairment.