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Which of the following is not one of the primary methods for assessing internal consistency?

A) Spearman-Brown prophecy formula
B) Kuder-Richardson formulas
C) Cronbach's alpha
D) Split-half method

Internal Consistency

A measure of the reliability of a psychological test or assessment, indicating how well the items on the test measure the same concept or construct.


A formula used in psychometrics to estimate the reliability of a test, particularly in relation to the length of the test.

Cronbach's Alpha

A statistical measure used to assess the reliability or internal consistency of a set of test or survey items.

  • Comprehend the methods for improving test reliability and reducing measurement error.

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Spearman-Brown prophecy formula is not used for assessing internal consistency. It is used for estimating the reliability of a test after changing its length, whereas the other three options are commonly used for assessing internal consistency.