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Susan is a counselor who is going to administer a questionnaire to her client to assess for symptoms of anxiety.As Susan is reviewing which anxiety questionnaire to administer,she notices several questions on one questionnaire that assessed for hallucinations and other psychotic features,distorted thinking,and paranoia.Assuming that the questionnaire is to be measuring only anxiety symptoms,this questionnaire would be considered to have:

A) Low alternate forms reliability
B) Low inter-rater reliability
C) Low internal consistency
D) High discriminate reliability

Internal Consistency

A measure of the reliability of a psychological test or survey, based on the extent to which all parts of the test contribute equally to what is being measured.

Anxiety Symptoms

Manifestations of anxiety, which can include physical symptoms like increased heart rate, and psychological symptoms like excessive worry.

  • Learn about the methods to increase the consistency of tests and reduce errors in measurement.

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Low internal consistency, as the questionnaire is measuring multiple constructs (anxiety, hallucinations, distorted thinking, paranoia) instead of just anxiety symptoms.