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Which of the following is an element of psychodynamic therapy?

A) transference
B) counterconditioning
C) unconditional positive regard
D) flooding

Psychodynamic Therapy

A therapeutic approach that emphasizes understanding the psychological forces underlying human behavior, feelings, and emotions, and how they may relate to early experiences.


In psychodynamic therapies, a critical process in which the client transfers unconscious emotions or reactions, such as emotional feelings about his or her parents, onto the therapist.


In classical conditioning, the process of pairing a conditioned stimulus with a stimulus that elicits a response that is incompatible with an unwanted conditioned response.

  • Summarize the aims and strategies employed by various orientations in psychotherapy.

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Transference is a key element of psychodynamic therapy, which involves the patient projecting feelings and attitudes from past relationships onto the therapist. This can help uncover unconscious thoughts and patterns that may be contributing to current issues. Counterconditioning is a technique used in behavior therapy, unconditional positive regard is a concept in person-centered therapy, and flooding is a technique used in exposure therapy.