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A family therapist would be most likely to agree that:

A) family members need to be taught to provide one another with unconditional positive regard.
B) efforts to isolate and treat one member of a family, without the other family members, are doomed.
C) behavioral records and skills training are necessary tools to heal the wounded member of a family.
D) problems in a family can usually be traced to a single, troubled individual.

Unconditional Positive Regard

To Carl Rogers, love or support given to another person with no conditions attached.

Family Therapist

A mental health professional specializing in treating psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues by working with families and couples in intimate relationships.

Behavioral Records

Documentation of an individual's actions or behaviors, often used in psychological studies or clinical settings to analyze and understand behavior patterns.

  • Detail the purposes and techniques of diverse psychotherapeutic perspectives.

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Family therapists typically believe that family dynamics and relationships contribute to individual problems and that involving all family members in treatment is essential for long-term success. Isolating and treating one family member without addressing the role of other family members is unlikely to be effective.