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Which of the following is a likely cause for a longer-than-expected production lead time?

A) The order was received later than expected.
B) The delivery truck has broken down on the way to the customer.
C) The order was lost after the customer sent it to the company.
D) There was excessive idle time in the production process.

Production Lead Time

The total time required to manufacture an item, including the wait, preparation, and processing times, from the beginning of production to the product’s completion.

Idle Time

The time period during which production resources are not being used effectively due to factors like machine breakdowns, inefficient scheduling, or lack of orders.

Production Process

The production process involves the steps, operations, and methods used to transform raw materials into finished products, encompassing both manufacturing and service delivery.

  • Understand the factors affecting production lead time and efficiency in production processes.

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Explanation :
Excessive idle time in the production process is a likely cause for longer-than-expected production lead time, as it can delay the entire process and create bottlenecks. Options A, B, and C are unlikely to be significant factors in extending production lead time.