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Which of the following can be extremely costly to organizations, despite state-of-the-art human resource systems and procedures?

A) when an organization's workforce reflects the larger labour market composition
B) poorly qualified and motivated recruits
C) restrictive compensation policies
D) using innovative recruitment programs to tap the skills of a diverse workforce
E) using inducements

Poorly Qualified

Describes an individual who does not meet the necessary skills, education, or experience requirements for a specific position or task.

Motivated Recruits

Individuals who show a high level of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and work upon joining an organization.

Human Resource Systems

Integrated methods and tools designed to manage and enhance an organization's workforce and HR processes.

  • Understand the intricacies involved in recruitment and the equilibrium among cost, quality, and efficiency.

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Despite state-of-the-art human resource systems and procedures, hiring poorly qualified and motivated recruits can lead to costly consequences such as lower productivity, higher turnover, and decreased morale.