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Which is more highly correlated with job satisfaction?

A) Level of training
B) Interests
C) Salary
D) Values

Level of Training

The degree or stage of education and skill development that an individual has achieved in a particular area.


Preferred activities influenced by an individual’s values which also can provide information about potential career choices.


Salary refers to a fixed regular payment, typically expressed on an annual basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially a professional or white-collar worker.

  • Understand the importance of job satisfaction and how it correlates with interests, values, and training.

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Feb 29, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
Research has shown that individuals who have a strong alignment between their personal values and the values of their job/organization are more likely to experience job satisfaction. While level of training, interests, and salary can also affect job satisfaction to some extent, values have been found to be a stronger predictor.