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When writing assessment reports,Peter often describes results according to the client's abilities,such as intellectual ability and interpersonal skills.This type of report organization would be considered:

A) Integrated-oriented
B) Test-oriented
C) Domain-oriented
D) Hypothesis-oriented


An approach or perspective that focuses on specific areas of knowledge or activity, emphasizing expertise and specialized information within those areas.

Assessment Reports

Documents summarizing the findings from evaluations of an individual's performance, skills, or knowledge.

Intellectual Ability

A measure of a person's cognitive capabilities, including reasoning, problem-solving, and learning.

  • Recognize the importance and steps involved in case conceptualization during counseling sessions.

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This type of report organization, where results are described according to specific domains or areas of functioning (such as intellectual ability or interpersonal skills), is called domain-oriented. It focuses on presenting a comprehensive and detailed picture of the client's strengths and weaknesses across different areas of functioning, rather than just summarizing test results (test-oriented) or formulating hypotheses about the client's condition (hypothesis-oriented). An integrated-oriented approach, on the other hand, aims to synthesize information from multiple sources (e.g., tests, interviews, observations) into a cohesive narrative or profile.