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Danielle was thinking about how the acculturation level of her client may be affecting her presenting issues in counseling.What phase of case conceptualization is Danielle exercising?

A) Treatment formulation
B) Cultural formulation
C) Clinical formulation
D) Diagnostic formulation


A process in which individuals encounter culturally diverse characteristics beyond their own identity, includes assimilation or negotiation of new cultural ideals, varying integration of components of the newly introduced cultural characteristics, and in some cases no change in cultural identity.

Case Conceptualization

A method and clinical strategy for obtaining and organizing information about a client, understanding and explaining the client’s situation and maladaptive patterns, guiding and focusing treatment, anticipating challenges and roadblocks, and preparing for successful termination.

Presenting Issues

The initial problems or concerns that lead an individual to seek help or counseling.

  • Understand the importance and process of case conceptualization in counseling.

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Danielle is specifically considering the impact of culture on her client's presenting issues. This suggests that she is engaging in cultural formulation, which is a crucial part of case conceptualization when working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Treatment formulation typically involves developing specific interventions for addressing the client's presenting issues, clinical formulation involves understanding the client's psychological functioning, and diagnostic formulation involves identifying the client's diagnosis based on their symptoms and behaviors.