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What type of interview is less formal,provides open-ended questions,and allows a counselor the freedom to tailor the interview to each client?

A) Extended battery interviews
B) Semi-structured interviews
C) Structured interviews
D) Unstructured interviews

Unstructured Interviews

A method of interviewing where questions are not prearranged, allowing for spontaneous and open-ended responses.

Open-ended Questions

Questions that allow respondents to answer in their own words, providing richer and more detailed information.


Pertaining to or following established conventions or rules, often used in the context of assessments or procedures.

  • Understand the structured and unstructured interview formats and their application in clinical assessment.

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Semi-structured interviews are less formal than structured interviews, provide open-ended questions, and allow counselors to tailor the interview to each client. Unstructured interviews are even less formal but do not provide any set questions or guidelines, which can lead to inconsistency in the interview process. Extended battery interviews are a series of tests or assessments, not an interview format.