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What type of error is the most commonly observed in test scores?

A) Validity
B) Test administration error
C) Time sampling error
D) Content sampling error

Content Sampling Error

is a type of error that occurs when the content or items selected for a test or measurement do not adequately represent the full domain of the content being measured.

Test Administration Error

Mistakes or inconsistencies that occur during the administration of a test, potentially affecting the validity or reliability of the results.

Time Sampling Error

A statistical error that occurs when the sample data collected does not accurately represent the population over a specific time period.

  • Recognize the sources that lead to errors in measuring.

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Content sampling error is the most commonly observed error in test scores because it arises from the fact that any test can only sample a small portion of the content domain, potentially leading to scores that do not fully represent an individual's knowledge or abilities in that domain.