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Several police cars and fire trucks drove past the clinic where 7-year-old Marcus was taking an IQ test.The loud sirens startled Marcus and he became increasingly concerned that the clinic was on fire.He asked the counselor several times if his mother,who was in the waiting room,was safe and how much longer the testing was going to take.Due to this,the counselor allowed Marcus to take some breaks during testing to check on his mother in the waiting room.This is this an example of?

A) Time sampling error
B) Test taker variables
C) Test administration error
D) Content sampling error

Test Administration Error

Mistakes or inconsistencies that occur during the administration of a test, potentially affecting the validity and reliability of the test results.

Test Taker Variables

Factors related to the individual taking a test that can influence their performance, such as anxiety, motivation, and prior knowledge.

  • Familiarize oneself with the roots of inaccuracies in measurements.

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This is an example of test administration error because the external noise caused by the passing police cars and fire trucks affected the testing conditions and Marcus's ability to concentrate on the test. The counselor should have taken steps to prevent or minimize external disturbances, such as informing the staff to hold calls or asking the police and fire departments to avoid passing by the clinic during testing hours. Allowing Marcus to take breaks to check on his mother is also a deviation from standardized testing procedures, which could affect the validity and reliability of the IQ test results.