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What is the role of Canada's Species at Risk Act? 

A)  It provides legal protection for wildlife species in Canada. 
B)  It became law in 2003 to protect arctic species only. 
C)  It reports to COSEWIC about the status of wildlife in Canada. 
D)  It helps protect the importation of endangered species into Canada.

Species At Risk Act

Canadian legislation aimed at protecting endangered or threatened species and their habitats from further harm.

Legal Protection

Measures and policies implemented through the legal system to safeguard interests, rights, or properties, including environmental conservation, intellectual property, and human rights.

Wildlife Species

Refers to animals that inhabit and thrive in wild areas without human intervention, contributing to biodiversity and ecological balance.

  • Familiarity with the legal and global structures in place for the safeguarding of species facing extinction and sustaining biological diversity.

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The Species at Risk Act provides legal protection for wildlife species at risk in Canada and is an important tool for conservation and protection of endangered species. It was enacted in 2003 and covers all species at risk in Canada, not just arctic species. While it does work in conjunction with COSEWIC, its primary role is to provide this legal protection. It also helps monitor and regulate the importation of endangered species into Canada, but this is not its primary purpose.