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What is a limiting factor of CITES? 

A)  It only applies to larger urban centres. 
B)  It is unclear which species are covered. 
C)  Much of the illegal wildlife trade occurs in countries that have not signed the treaty. 
D)  Member countries cannot exempt themselves from protecting any species.


An international accord, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, focuses on protecting wildlife species from extinction by regulating their trade across borders.

Illegal Wildlife Trade

The unlawful buying and selling of wildlife products or live animals, contributing to the endangerment and extinction of species globally.

Member Countries

Nations that are part of an international organization or agreement.

  • Understand the legal structures and pacts, such as CITES, designed to safeguard species at risk and control the trade of wildlife.

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Despite the efforts of CITES, a significant amount of illegal wildlife trade still occurs in countries that have not signed the treaty, which limits its effectiveness in stopping the trade in endangered species.