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What is a challenge to administering a large-scale,national standardized test to all students in the U.S.?

A) Lack of universal curriculum
B) Lack of financial resources
C) Lack of qualified personnel to administer the test
D) Lack of consensus of how to administer the test


Referring to activities, operations, or phenomena that involve a wide scope or extensive size, often impacting a large number of people or areas.

National Standardized Test

A type of examination that is administered and scored in a consistent manner across different locations and institutions to assess individuals against a common standard.

Universal Curriculum

An educational program or set of standards designed to be accessible and applicable to all students, regardless of background or ability.

  • Comprehend the requirements and implications of large-scale, national standardized testing.

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One of the biggest challenges to administering a large-scale, national standardized test to all students in the U.S. is the lack of a universal curriculum. Different states and even different school districts may cover different material and have different teaching methods, making it difficult to create a test that accurately assesses all students on the same content.