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What are important factors a counselor must consider when providing accommodations to a client during test administration?

A) That the client does not take advantage of the accommodations
B) That the accommodation does not significantly impact the score the client receives
C) That the accommodation for one client is fair for another client
D) That the client wants the accommodations


Adjustments or modifications provided to individuals to enable them to participate fully in an activity or setting, often used in the context of education or employment for people with disabilities.

  • Comprehend the critical role of test standardization and the necessity for accommodations to promote equity.

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Feb 29, 2024

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It is important for a counselor to provide accommodations that do not significantly impact the client's test score, as the purpose of accommodations is to lessen the impact of a disability, not to give an unfair advantage. However, it is also important to consider the individual needs of the client and to ensure that the accommodations are appropriate and necessary for that particular client. Option A is also important, but can be addressed through careful observation and monitoring during the test administration. Option C is not necessarily relevant as accommodations should be tailored to meet each individual client's needs, rather than being based on a comparison to other clients. Option D is important, but should be balanced with professional judgment and consideration of the client's overall needs and abilities.