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What individual in the modern era (1890's - 1910's) conducted many statistical analyses and normative studies on the original Binet-Simon intelligence scale and is the reason the scale is now referred to as the Stanford-Binet Test of Intelligence?

A) Wundt
B) Yerkes
C) Stanford
D) Terman

Stanford-Binet Test

A standardized test that assesses intelligence and cognitive abilities in children and adults, based on the work of Alfred Binet and later revised at Stanford University.

Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale

An early psychological test designed to assess intelligence, developed by Alfred Binet and Théodore Simon.

Normative Studies

Research studies aimed at understanding the standard or typical characteristics, behaviors, or achievements within a specific group or population.

  • Catalog essential developments and pivotal figures in the study of psychological examinations.

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Lewis Terman, a psychologist and professor at Stanford University, conducted extensive research on the Binet-Simon intelligence scale and made significant revisions to the test. His work included administering the test to thousands of individuals and developing new scoring methods. As a result, the test became known as the Stanford-Binet Test of Intelligence.