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The Army ________ was a nonverbal test used to evaluate aptitude of illiterate,unschooled,or non-English speaking recruits,whereas the Army ________ measured verbal ability,numerical ability,ability to follow directions,and knowledge of information.

A) Alpha; Beta
B) Beta; Alpha
C) Binet; Simon
D) Terman; Binet

Nonverbal Test

An assessment tool that measures intelligence or ability without relying on language-based responses, often used with individuals who have language processing difficulties or are non-native speakers.

Verbal Ability

The capacity to use language effectively, including understanding, interpreting, and generating spoken and written communication.

Numerical Ability

The capacity to understand, manipulate, and reason with numbers and mathematical concepts, often assessed in educational and occupational settings.

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The Army Beta test was designed as a nonverbal test for those who were illiterate, unschooled, or non-English speaking, while the Army Alpha test was a written test that measured verbal ability, numerical ability, ability to follow directions, and general knowledge.