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What could a nutrition counselor say to successfully transition into the resolving phase of the counseling session? Imagine the client is a level 3 (i.e., ready to make changes) .

A) Do you have an idea of what will work for you?
B) What is the smallest goal you believe is worth pursuing?
C) Tell me what a typical day looks like.
D) I'd like to start by asking about your week.
E) Would you be willing to discuss the possibility of a change in your physical activity patterns?

Resolving Phase

A stage in therapeutic or change processes where conflicts or problems are addressed and efforts are made to develop solutions.


The process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Physical Activity Patterns

The habitual levels and types of physical exercise or activity an individual engages in, often assessed for health studies.

  • Master the skill of transitioning between different phases of counseling based on client readiness and motivation.

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Asking the client what the smallest goal they believe is worth pursuing helps them identify a specific and achievable goal to work towards, which can be a successful transition into the resolving phase.