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Person-centered counselors view ____________ as the primary vehicle for change.

A) external forces
B) the counselor's interventions
C) the counselor's interpretations
D) the counseling relationship

Counseling Relationship

The bond formed between a therapist and a patient, aimed at fostering emotional healing and cognitive improvements.

Vehicle For Change

A metaphorical concept referring to tools, methods, or agents that facilitate or drive change.

  • Absorb the importance of demonstrating empathy, warmth, authenticity, and unconditional positive regard within therapist-client relationships.
  • Describe the counselor's role and use of self in facilitating client change.

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Person-centered counselors view the counseling relationship as the primary vehicle for change. They believe that clients have the capacity for self-directed growth and change, and that the counselor's role is to create an environment that is conducive to that growth. The relationship between the client and counselor is central to this process, as it provides the safety and support necessary for the client to explore their inner experiences and work through their issues.