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Type A behavior in individuals can be modified by:

A) making them interact with other individuals who have the same behavior pattern.
B) minimizing their interaction with type B individuals.
C) providing them with multiple tasks to manage time efficiently.
D) helping them recognize that they are prone to the Type A pattern.

Type A Behavior

A personality trait characterized by competitiveness, impatience, aggressiveness, and a constant sense of urgency, often linked to stress and heart disease.

Behavior Pattern

Regularly occurring actions or reactions that characterize an individual's or group's behavior over time.

Time Efficiently

The skill or practice of using one's time in a productive and organized manner to achieve tasks or goals more quickly and effectively.

  • Understand strategies for modifying behavior patterns related to stress, including for individuals with Type A behaviors, and the importance of personality hardiness in resisting distress.

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Helping individuals recognize that they are prone to the Type A behavior pattern is a crucial first step in modifying such behaviors. Awareness is key to change, as it allows individuals to understand their tendencies and work towards managing or altering them.