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The trait-and-factor theory consists of all of the following elements except:

A) Matching knowledge of the self and jobs
B) Knowledge of jobs
C) Knowledge of educational requirements of various careers
D) Knowledge of one's own attitudes,abilities,and interests

Trait-and-Factor Theory

A theory of career development that matches an individual's traits and factors, such as abilities and interests, with a suitable career.

Knowledge of Jobs

Understanding the specific skills, duties, and requirements associated with different professions or occupations.

Educational Requirements

The specific set of academic criteria or qualifications needed to enter a particular field of study or profession.

  • Explain the trait-and-factor theory and its relevance to career counseling.

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The trait-and-factor theory does not include knowledge of educational requirements of various careers. Rather, it focuses on matching an individual's traits and characteristics with the requirements and demands of different jobs.