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The macro-practice model in which a social worker is most apt to be an enabler, catalyst, coordinator, and teacher of problem-solving skills and ethical values is which of the following?

A) locality development
B) social planning
C) social action
D) community brokering

Locality Development

The process of building and enhancing the capabilities of a community or region, focusing on improving the quality of life and economic well-being of its residents.

Macro-Practice Model

A social work practice approach focused on large-scale social problems and systems, aiming for systemic changes to improve community and societal well-being.

Ethical Values

Principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity regarding what is right and wrong.

  • Outline the distinctions among models of community practice, encompassing locality development, social planning, social action, and community brokering.

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Locality development emphasizes community involvement and empowerment, where a social worker acts as an enabler, catalyst, coordinator, and teacher, focusing on building relationships, problem-solving skills, and ethical values within the community.