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__________ speaks to the counselor's need to treat clients fairly.

A) Justice
B) Fidelity
C) Equal treatment
D) Autonomy


Treating all clients fairly and working with them in a manner that is appropriate based on their presenting situation and condition.

Equal Treatment

The principle of giving the same rights, opportunities, and considerations to all individuals, often within a legal, educational, or social context.

Counselor's Need

Refers to the requirements or necessities that counselors have in order to effectively support and guide their clients, such as empathy, knowledge, and skills.

  • Acquire knowledge on the principles of beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice, and autonomy as they apply to ethical counseling.

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Justice speaks to the counselor's need to be fair and equal in their treatment of all clients. It involves treating clients without bias or discrimination and striving for fairness in the distribution of resources and treatment options. Fidelity relates to maintaining trust and keeping promises, autonomy refers to respecting clients' right to make their own decisions, and equal treatment is a broad concept that encompasses aspects of all three of these ethical principles but does not capture the specific importance of fairness and impartiality that justice does.