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________ sampling is a sampling technique that allows researchers with special expertise about a group to select subjects who represent the population.

A) Accidental
B) Judgmental
C) Chain referral
D) Quota

Sampling Technique

The method or process used to select samples from a population for research purposes.

Judgmental Sampling

A sampling technique where the researcher selects sample members based on their own judgment about which ones will be most representative or informative.

Chain Referral

A sampling method where existing study subjects recruit future subjects from among their acquaintances.

  • Acquire knowledge of the various sampling approaches used in research and their correct implementations.

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Judgmental sampling (also known as purposive or selective sampling) is used when researchers have special knowledge about a population and can select subjects who are representative of it. This technique is commonly used in qualitative research or when a specific subgroup of the population is being studied. Accidental (A), Chain referral (C), and Quota (D) are all different types of sampling techniques with different selection criteria.