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Rhonda takes her three daughters to the bridge and pushes them over the railing into the cold water below.She tells her lawyer that God told her to do it if she wanted her children to escape from the bad mother that she was.Which of the following is her court-appointed lawyer most likely to use in court to justify her actions?

A) Mistaken identity
B) Self-defense
C) Insanity
D) Duress


Legal term denoting a state of mental incapacitation during the time a crime was committed.

  • Understanding the legal concept of mistaken identity and its potential relevance to the case.
  • Analyzing the elements of self-defense and its applicability to the situation.
  • Evaluating the possibility of an insanity defense and its potential impact on the case.

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The lawyer is most likely to use the insanity defense, as Rhonda's actions are clearly irrational and not based in reality, and she believed that God was telling her to commit a heinous act.