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Identify and define the insanity defense rules.

Durham Rule

Legal principle stating that the presence of a mental disorder is sufficient to absolve an individual of responsibility for a crime.

  • Familiarity with the legal standards and criteria for determining insanity.
  • Knowledge of the different tests used to assess insanity, such as the M'Naghten rule, the irresistible impulse test, and the Durham rule.
  • Understanding the concept of the insanity defense.

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Final Answer :
Key terms and concepts that maybe included in student responses:
▪ M'Naghten rule-at the time of the crime, the individual was so affected by a disease of the mind that he or she did not know the nature of the act he or she was committing or did not know it was wrong
▪ Irresistible impulse rule-at a time of the crime, the individual was driven by an irresistible impulse to perform the act or had a diminished capacity to resist performing the act
▪ Durham rule-the crime was a product of a mental disease or mental defect
▪ American Law Institute (ALI)rule-at the time of the crime, as a result of mental disease or defect, the person lacked capacity either to appreciate the criminality of the act or to conform his or her conduct to the law
▪ Insanity Defense Reform Act-at the time of the crime, as a result of mental disease or mental retardation, the person was unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his or her conduct