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Research on aggressiveness has shown that:

A) male aggression is more likely within cultures based on agriculture.
B) men who depend on herding for survival tend to foster cooperative strategies.
C) male aggression results more from cultural factors than biological ones.
D) men develop a culture of honor when their livelihoods are based on agriculture.

Male Aggression

Behaviors exhibited by males that are intended to dominate or intimidate others, often discussed in the context of social, psychological, or biological factors.

Cultural Factors

Elements of culture that influence individuals' beliefs, behaviors, and perceptions, including language, traditions, and social norms.

Biological Ones

Refers to entities or factors that are related to biological processes, such as genes, proteins, or organisms.

  • Ascertain the components that cause aggression and the manner in which they differ across cultural backgrounds.

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Male aggression is more influenced by cultural factors than biological ones, as research indicates that the norms, values, and expectations of a society play a significant role in shaping aggressive behaviors among men.