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People who depend economically on agriculture tend to:

A) develop a culture of honor.
B) foster cooperative strategies.
C) cultivate postures of extreme vigilance.
D) become inflamed if their reputations are threatened.

Culture Of Honor

A societal norm that emphasizes honor, respect, and the readiness to use violence to protect one's reputation or family.

Cooperative Strategies

Approaches used by individuals or groups to work together towards a common goal, often involving mutual benefit.


Pertaining to the economy or the management of the resources of a community, country, etc., especially with a view to its productivity.

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People who depend economically on agriculture tend to work together and rely on each other for success, which fosters cooperative strategies. This is because agriculture is often a highly unpredictable industry, and farmers need to work together to overcome challenges like drought, pests, and disease. While there may be pressures to defend one's honor or reputation, extreme vigilance is not necessarily a characteristic of agricultural communities.